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Is Hero Killer Stain Good

You could probably classify Stain as a misguided and sympathetic villain and that is why we all find him so damn compelling because he isnt just evil for evils sake but he is still a villain. Stains rigid philosophy allows for no chance at redemption or reform and if anything his stint as a vigilante only confirms just how insane he truly was.

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Stain is a vigilante in the My Hero Academia universe who is obsessed with upholding the standards of an ideal hero After his sentiments to reform the system were unheard he took matters into his own hands and began to kill heroes who he felt were fake.

Is hero killer stain good. Hero Killer Stain has some interesting ideals and he looks up to a lot of heroes. Stain nearly killed his brother the pro hero Ingenium so his ability to survive such severe circumstances serves as a testament to his intelligence. He sustained several burns bone fractures perforated lungs and other serious injuries in the fight with Midoriya Todoroki and Tenya.

His heightened intellect came in handy when he squared off against Hero Killer Stain in the animes second season. SUPPORT US ON PATREON. However in later chapters of My Hero Academia Vigilantes many of these former Instant Villains come to the aid of both pros and vigilantes for good causes providing essential assistance.

He is the primary antagonist in the titular Vs. No he is not dead though he came bloody close. He is a Villain and former vigilante that is notorious for killing many Pro Heroes that go against his ideology.

What if he became a hero. Known as Hero Killer Stain murdered quite a few heroes and injured even more-- all for his biased reasoning. He was captured and received treatment for his injuries curre.

Its like a what-if scenario where Stain escapes from prison and is shocked to hear that All Might the only true hero in Stains eyes retired and no hero. Read Description Watch in Highest Quality Provided HDLikes Comments Subs Faves are MUCH appreciated. Chizome Akaguro or better known as Hero Killer.

Style-wise that Quirk is too scary for a hero to use. STAIN My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 S3In this v. Also known as Hero Killer.

The Hero Killer Stain is a popular villain from My Hero Academias second season whos not just strong but is dedicated to his beliefs and convictions about the role that a hero should fulfill in society. I think I. He is almost five when he never makes it home from the playground.

He serves as the main antagonist in the Vs. Stain ヒーロー 殺 ごろ しステイン Hīrō Goroshi Sutein and formerly the vigilante Stendhal スタンダール Sutandāru is a villain and ex-vigilante that is notorious for having killed many Pro Heroes. The fact that Stain targeted him a generally nice guy who wanted to do good and probably did do good is a testament to how extreme his idealogy is.

Stain is responsible for some amazing battles but his dialogue often contains just as much bite. All heros who are apart of a company deserve to be executed for they dont do their job like All Might. Hero Killer Stain Is the Animes Gold-Standard Villain.

Stain and formerly the vigilante Stendhal is a major antagonist in the mangaanime series My Hero Academia. For Stendhal all crimes are equal. The victim is rendered paralyzed and Stain can finish them off with ease.

You explained it perfectly the heros in the generation that is shown in boku no hero academia season 1-3 are greedy. Despite having little screen time hes managed to leave a lasting impression on the characters and on the audience. It takes more than just ones desires to be heroic.

Stain has propelled the series plot by drawing attention to the League of Villains and offering sincere criticisms of the hero society and despite his early defeat hes remained an important influence. He became disgusted with the hero system during his youth and in an effort to draw out societys real heroes while getting rid of the fake ones he became a serial killer. Stain may be known as the Hero Killer but hes not going around every hero willy-nilly with a knife.

He had a good motivation but his execution was villainous. 10 Quirks That Should Never Have Been Awakened. His influence is so great and has frightened many characters even the.

Deku probably wouldnt let Stain train him but I always thought it was cool how Stain openly recognized him as a true hero. Izuku is almost five when he meets the man who will one day become known as Hero Killer. What If Hero Killer Stain Was A Hero.

Stain the hero killer uses knives and swords to cut his enemies during surprise attacks then licks up that blood to activate the Bloodcurdle Quirk. Fiction T - English - Izuku M Chizome AStain - Chapters. If the audience had time to get emotionally attached to him then Stain crippling him would have immediately incited an WTF reaction.

Unlike Gentle Criminal who lacks both the ruthlessness and resolve to accomplish what he thinks is good Stain does not. Id say stain is right in a way. Out of all the villains My Hero Academia has to offer the Hero Killer Stain stands out.

One of My Hero Academias first big villains Hero Killer Stain may turn out to be essential to setting Deku back on the right path and saving the day acting as the final mentor in his quest to become a real hero.

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