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Is Todoroki The Ua Traitor

Present Mic one of the pro hero teachers at UA. Traitor and why the traitor is actually Hagakure thank you anon.

Aoyama Ua Traitor Traitor Aoyama Character

But with so little information and so little focus on the actual traitor the best any fan can do for now is to simply guess.

Is todoroki the ua traitor. Shouto Todoroki is found out as the UA traitor and hes come to terms with leaving. Even the lead three Academia boys Midoriya Bakugo and Todoroki were considered at one point. This theory basically claims that Himiko has disguised herself as one of the people in UA specifically in Class 1-A.

Himiko Toga Disguised as a studentmember etc. Why Kaminari Denki is not the UA. I mean I would say Toru she is invisible and constantly uses the excuses of being with Todoroki.

Yn was the UA traitor Im a worthless traitor. Yns eyes misted over as yet another smack came into contact with her face an angry red welt appearing in its wake. A Redditor explained how his selflessness is only a facade as hes very likely to be the UA traitor.

However if one solely considers his personality when hes around other UA students almost no one is as friendly and kind as him. Okay first off my opinion of the Kaminari Traitor Theory is. High School suspected that there is a traitor among the teachers and students who is secretly feeding information to the League of Villains.

Another very popular and very possible theory involves the blood thirsty Himiko Toga. Well the UA traitor doesnt have to be a student necessarily. And tbh out of those it feels like it could be denki or kirishima.

Her sobs echoing off the walls as she was being accused of being the UA traitor. It obvi cant be deku bakugou or todoroki. Its basically a given at this point that there is a traitor somewhere within the UA.

English teacher at UA. The theory suggests that his enhanced hearing can easily allow him to eavesdrop. Its Shojis frightening appearance that initially made many fans suspicious about his true motives.

She thought as she slipped out of her dorm. But Shinso is going to be in the hero course in the second year of school so he would most likely have to replace someone from either Class 2-A or Class 2-B which would have to be name of there class when they are entering their second year at UA since there will be an uneven number of students. The other thing is the USJ attack.

Pretty much every character has been suspected for one reason or another. Nezu thinks thinks there is a traitor within the school. If youve spent any time online looking at fan theories for My Hero Academia then there is a good chance youve come across one or two theories about who the traitor is at UAFor those that dont recall.

Ive seen a lot of theories on this and some of the biggest candidates for the UA traitor are. But it would have to be someone that would be really impactful and feel like a huge betrayal. The League accepted him for whom he is and treated him like family.

Fans have even suspected the traitor might be either Bakugo or Todoroki. So that leaves kirishima denki uraraka iida tokoyami or asui. She always says that Todorki is great but she never really described how or anything about the attacks.

So it cant be a random teacher or class 1B in my opinion. Its going to be even more surprising than wed have expected it to be. She mentioned after that she was with Todoroki who froze down EVERYTHING but she dodged that attack somehow.

Audio not mineIf you liked this video make sure to tell me. Plus a theory of my own. But as requested I will break this down and refute the various arguments point by point.

Himiko Toga is using the identity of someone in 1-A. Tbh i have no idea. There are theories floating around suggesting that there was never any traitor and thats fine.

This is a good thing in our opinion since if and when the traitor arc does resurface. All of these characters have shown in one way or another that they cant be the UA traitor. This has lead to some speculation that Present Mic could be the traitor being the first one to sow seeds of distrust among the faculty but theres a good chance this hero is innocent.

Deku and All-Might because its obvious that they arent. Imagine being hated cuz you have struggles that you deal with constantly. Unfortunately a certain greenette isnt as willing to let him leave so easily.

Even when Mineta did good people still judged him and didnt want to be around him. Its kind of perfect for a UA traitor. And known as the Voice Hero Present Mic was actually the first one to suggest that the school could have a traitor among them.

In other words the traitor could very well still be in play. Even though i genuinely dont have evidence or. Todoroki saying I didnt know she was the.

Those are just the candidates I could think of from the top of my head But my own theory at 1 am is that. He calls Deku Todoroki Kirishima Iida Momo and Bakugou to solve the mystery. Its a double made by Twice.

No updates but it has not been definitively dismissed. When Todoroki hears where Hagakure was he said that was close. All of that bullying will eventually cause one to snap.

I promise I didnt do anything Hawks please Her screams reverberated throughout the entire floor of the building as she begged for mercy her life being threatened by the very man who had inspired her to become a. But he made sure I never forgot what I did or who I belong to Yn thought taking a shaky breath the night Todoroki and the others rescued Bakugou was the night she feared for her life. All of this over a boy who didnt love me.

Thats why he joined the League and became the UA traitor.

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