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This is Shinobi Who Inherited Otsutsuki's Chakra

The Otsutsuki tribe is one of the most sought after tribes of Naruto masters and was first introduced in the series. This is natural because the Otsuki tribe is not from Earth but rather from another planet. That is, even though they look human they are not ordinary humans. They are alien creatures.

The Otsutsuki family is also known as the ancestor of modern shinobi. Because they are the ones who came up with the idea of chakra and the like. Even then they offer many epic and awesome ninja skills. What's interesting is that there are some notes in the series that are known to be chakras that come from the Otsutsuki family. Who are they?

This is this Shinobi Who Inherited Otsutsuki's Chakra


Like Boruto and Kawaki, Jigen is also a container for ishiki. Unfortunately unlike Kawaki, Ishiki who is allied with Jigen 100% is now Ishiki in control which means Jigen dies and can not control his body. 

After getting Ishiki's body. Jigen was killed in an exciting fight with Kashin Koji. Otsutsuki is now known as the most powerful tribe in the entire Naruto series. And since they were actually gods it looked natural. And those who possess their otsutsuki powers are not mediocre men. However, the person who later inherits or inherits chakra directly from the Otsutsuki tribe can certainly become a very powerful shinobi. 


Kawaki Kawaki was an ordinary boy, until his father sold Kawaki to Jigan who later became the subject of an experiment. Jagan is looking for a strong man to fight for Ishiki Otsuki. And Kawaki is the perfect man to be a crucible. Kawaki was finally given Ishiki Karma in his body.

As a result Kawaki's body will become the experimental material that Momoshiki Otsutsugi made. The difference is that boruto accidentally becomes a container for momoshiki. But Kawaki had to be tested first.


Uzumaki Himawari was the second child of Hinata and Naruto. Boruto is his brother. Like his brother Himawari owns and inherits the power of Asura Otsutsuki and Otsutsuki Hamura Chakra from his parents. However, it becomes the main and dominant focus because he inherits a white heart from Hinata. It is not yet clear how much of a power himawari will be in the future but it will probably be a very large chakra force.


Boruto Uzumaki Boruto is the eldest son of Hinata and Naruto. Boruto is the protagonist of the next generation. Like Naruto and Hinata it could be said that Boruto has chakra that comes from the Ossutsuki tribe and Otsutsuki's hamura chakra is very strong. Boruto originally inherited chakra from his mother and father.

Boroto also has Otsutsuki's toneri powers that make him have jougan eyes. And there in boruto sendir's body there is momoshiki power. Even after the peach scored Boroto's karma it still remained in Boroto's body. It will be interesting to see what happens to Boruto.


Hinata is Naruto's wife and Boruto's mother. Hinata may not be as strong as Naruto or Sasuke. Hinata does not have the reincarnation of the otsutsuki clan. But inside his body was the squalmen of this tribe. Hinata of the Hyuga tribe. Hyuga is from the Hamura Otsutsuki tribe.

This indirectly means that the Hyuga clan has the Chakra of the Otsuki clan. Interestingly in the movie Naruto: The Last, Hinata has the opportunity to meet her grandparents unconsciously. Hamura also gives some of her chakra to Boruto's mother to defeat Otsuki Toneri.


Who would have thought Sasuke was the reincarnation of the Otsuki clan? Naruto is the reincarnation of the Asura Otsutsugi while the reincarnation sauke of Otsutsugi's eldest son Hagoro Indra and the two always compete in different ways as described in the story. The same was later inherited by his heirs including Sasuke.

In World War IV Sasuke also met Hagomoro unconsciously. Hagomoro once again shares some of his powers with Sasuke. In this cycle Sasuke awakens his rinnega eyes. Unfortunately Momoji managed to get rid of rinnegan sasuke.


Naruto is the main character in the TV series. He was first introduced to an ordinary Shinobi who became jinchuriki. But it is later revealed that Naruto's reincarnation of Asura Otsutsuki is hagoromo Otsutsuki's son of the devil. Asura Otsutsuk had similar personalities and mental strength.

In the Fourth Great Ninja War Naruto found hagomoro in his subconscious mind. Hagomor was trying to help defeat Kaguya Otsutsuki. Hakoromo shares power with Naruto. This is a case naruto could use Sixpath moves or called Rikoduo.

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