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REVIEW WHY NARUTO WAS WEAK IN BORUTO'S TIME - Hello Doraemon's friends this time our discussion about boruto anime that we discuss here is about his bad father, Naruto, where we see this anime the longer it seems to be getting weaker.In the film Boruto it is seen once that the strength of the sequence decreased greatly compared to the season in Naruto itself.

Therefore we will discuss one by one the reasons why Naruto became weak.


Naruto's Age Is Getting Older

Why Naruto is becoming weak some say that because naruto's age is getting older even though we know for ourselves that at the age of Naruto it is mostly still in his 30s.

And in the session version naruto himself should still be the strongest ninja in the world boruto but why  Naruto become weak?

Naruto Is Weak Because It's Not His Season

This big brother is boruto's mass then the story developed by the author is about boruto so if Naruto's opponent is only class or mediocre, of course, it will be very easy to be defeated by Naruto and Sasuke because the level of them both is otsutsuki level.

Therefore, if boruto only gets a mediocre opponent, of course, the case will be solved by Naruto and Sasuke and Boruto himself will be able to say that he will not develop about his abilities and if

The main character in Boruto is Not Naruto.

Obviously our friends know that this boruto anime episode naruto is not the main character is Naruto but is his son that is boruto, therefore Carita Naruto may be deliberately weakened because the main character is his son, boruto Uzumaki.

Naruto if it's Too Strong Then Boruto Won't Grow

At the time of the Naruto Shippuden series there was Hashirama whose level is like a God If this happens to the drill of course boruto will develop even more, because we used to see in his time Naruto himself experienced many events such as the invasion of Pain and other conflicts.

If in the boruto series Naruto's power is still super power then of course this story will quickly end, Well maybe your own friends have a reason why Naruto was weakened please give a reason in the comments field or on Pinterest